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    Harley Davidson Style Motorcycle Clothing

    Have you recently bought your first Harley Davidson motorcycle? Congratulations, you’re about to embark on an outrageously fun adventure.

    Want to look the part and dress appropriately for the type of motorcycling being a Harley Davidson owner entails?

    You can purchase Harley Davidson motorcycle clothing, of course. Or, you could save yourself a lot of money by taking a look at what Bikers Paradise have to offer.

    Keep Scrolling for Gear

    We are specialists in the kind of motorcycle clothing that is right up a Harley rider’s street, have been established since 1971 and our customers often comment that they prefer our gear to Harley Davidson in regards to style, quality and price.

    Indeed, our leathers not only look the part but are designed to CE standards for safety and comfort and our unique Rida-Tec System ensures the CE Viscotec armour is in the correct place for you should you opt for it.

    Wherever you see the green "READY" tick, you know the garment has the option for fully adjustable CE armour.

    Have a peruse of this page to get a taster of our leather jackets, leather jeans, denim Kevlar? jeans and jackets, leather cuts, textiles, hoody, leather boots, leather panniers and biking accessories that are all perfect for your kind of riding.

    Harley Davidson Style Leather Motorcycle Jackets

    Men's Rida-Tec Elite Leather JacketMen's Custom Rida-Tec Retro Matt Leather JacketLadies Elite Classic Leather Jacket

    "It is by far the best jacket I have ever had and in 40 years of biking that is saying something.” Martin Pearson in Northampton about the Men's Rida-Tec Retro Leather Jacket.

    "It’s top class gear, much better than a lot of named stuff. This is a proper shop with real old fashioned customer service.” Rob in Cumbria about the Men's Rida-Tec Elite Leather Jacket.

    More Men's Harley Style JacketsMore Ladies Harley Style Jackets

    If you’ve been a Harley rider for some years but haven’t yet discovered us, let us invite you to see what we have to offer. You may be surprised.

    Harley Davidson Style Leather Motorcycle Jeans

    Men's Elite C Leather JeansLadies Elite 2 Tie Side Leather JeansMen's Rida-Tec Matt Leather Jeans

    "If you want quality bike gear then buy from Bikers Paradise. The workmanship is second to none and far superior to branded jackets and trousers that cost four times as much.” Rick Trivett in Devon.

    More Men's Harley Style JeansMore Ladies Harley Style Jeans

    If DENIM is more your thing, we’ve got you covered from just £84.50 with our Rida Denim Kevlar? Jean range.

    Men's Lightweight Denim Kevlar? JeansMen's Denim Kevlar? JeansLadies Contour Denim Kevlar? Jeans

    "Prompt delivery and the quality is excellent… I shall purchase again for general wear as it is difficult for me to find jeans that fit so well.” Paul Eckardt in Keynsham about the Men's Blue Denim Kevlar? Jeans.

    "I have used them regularly, they stand up well to everyday wear and also wash well.” Dave E in Conwy about the Men's Black Denim Kevlar? Jeans.

    "They are absolutely flipping fantastic… The stretch makes them really comfortable and getting on/off the bike is a breeze. I really can’t fault them.” Kate Andrews in Nottingham about the Ladies Contour Denim Kevlar? Jeans.

    Keep scrolling to see our fully Kevlar? lined Denim Bike Jackets.

    We strive to offer you the best variety of motorcycle clothing that is suitable for a Harley Davidson motorcyclist.

    Take me to Rida Denim Kevlar? Jeans

    Grinder Boots - Perfect for Harley Riding

    Although most of our gear is our own – designed and manufactured by us from the ground up – we do also provide you with carefully selected Grinder Boots as we think they are great leather motorcycle boots of the highest quality that fit with our style and ethos.

    Grinder Leather BootsCharger Leather BootsBald Eagle Leather BootsRenegade Lo Leather Boots

    "The quality for the price is very good, should be more expensive!!” Amanda in Salisbury about the Ladies Renegade Lo Leather Boots.

    More Harley Davidson Style Boots

    Luxurious Leather Cuts/Waistcoats

    It’s not just protective motorcycle gear that we focus on. We offer a wide range of over 15 styles of leather cuts for both men and women.

    Andymans Tie Side Leather CutTornado Matt Black Leather CutLadies Plain Leather Cut

    For a no-nonsense leather cut that is unbelievable value for money at under £50 and just works for patches, the Leather Square Cut is definitely worth consideration:

    Leather Square Cut - Perfect for PatchesPatches Sewn On Here

    PATCHES - We sew them on for you. While you wait and even at weekends when we can.

    Please call in advance: 024 7646 6296. Find Bikers Paradise.

    More Men's Harley Style Leather CutsMore Ladies Harley Style Leather Cuts

    Want an Alternative to Leather on your Harley?

    One of the things our customers love about us is that they can get the style of motorcycle clothing they want without the massive brand logos all over the chest, back and/or sleeves.

    Bikers Paradise Textile jackets and trousers, like the rest of our gear, have subtle and discreet branding.

    Ladies Rida-Tec Seasons Textile JacketMen's Rida-Tec Seasons Textile JacketMen's Magnum Textile Jacket

    "My husband was thrilled with this jacket. He was impressed by the quality and safety features and the extra length keeps his back warm. He rides for Blood Bikes so is often out in all weathers and for once he wasn't complaining about the cold! Highly recommend this company. Very friendly and helpful” Carol Fry in Bristol about the Magnum Textile Motorcycle Jacket.

    Men's Textile TrousersLadies Textile Trousers
    Take me to Textile Gear

    We know you love an easy-to-throw-on warm and cosy hoody. Although comfy, hoodies have rarely been synonymous with safe riding.

    Unfortunately, we can never guarantee your safety and it would be irresponsible for us to do so. But if you’re going to ride in a hoody, let’s at least make it as safe as we can.

    Unisex Rida-Tec Hoody

    "It’s really superb. Heavy duty, very warm, perfect for the winter. This is one serious quality item, mega impressed. Bikers Paradise, spot on as always.” Rhys Jones in Derbyshire about the Rida-Tec Hoody.

    Read more about the Rida-Tec Hoody

    The Denim Kevlar? Jacket we promised you earlier on this page:

    Blue Rida-Tec Denim Kevlar? JacketBlack Rida-Tec Denim Kevlar? Jacket

    "Absolutely delighted with the jacket. Excellent workmanship and perfect fit. What more could you ask?” Daniel Sizemore in Hawaii about the Rida-Tec Denim Kevlar? Jacket.

    Have a closer look at our Denim Jackets

    Leather Luggage to Complement your Harley Davidson

    All of our leather luggage is made to be as universally fitting as possible with adjustments.

    Texan Sportster Leather PanniersLeather Tool RollsPlain Western Leather Panniers

    "Damn fine quality panniers.” Taff in Ashfield about the Texan Sportster Leather Panniers.

    "Well happy with my tool roll. It’s well priced and good quality.” Terry in Northampton about the Leather Tool Roll.

    More Leather Luggage

    Harley Style Lids for a Fraction of the Harley Price

    All ECE22.05 Approved

    The helmets we stock are exceptional value for money while of course being certified to safety standards.

    Viper V06 Open Face HelmetViper F656 Vintage HelmetViper V12 Open Face Helmet

    "It’s comfy, safe and makes you feel like a fighter pilot.” Folly in Coventry about the Viper RS V06 Open Face Helmet.

    Full Lid Choice

    Who Can Resist a Smart and/or Handy Accessory

    Bikers Paradise T-ShirtLeather BandannaSub Zero Thermal BalaclavaLeather Biker Wallets

    More Biking Accessories

    We hope we’ve provided you with an alternative variety of motorcycle clothing that you feel fits with your style of Harley Davidson motorcycling.

    You can order online 24/7 and delivery is often free and next day (delivery days: Tuesday to Friday).

    Even better, come and see us at our friendly Coventry store. We’re renowned for our outstanding customer service and after sales care, including our Lifetime Guarantee on construction of our gear.

    Our customers on our customer service:

    "Nothing is too much trouble. Pay double the price for a jacket, you’d be a fool. These are the BEST QUALITY. I CANNOT praise these guys enough on SERVICE, PRICE and QUALITY!” Rufus in Falkirk.

    "I think this company is BRILLIANT! Fantastic staff, extremely helpful and SUPERB products. You won’t buy better for the price. I can’t recommend them more highly.” David Houe in Nairn.

    "Incredibly impressed with the level of service and attention I received. Definitely recommend these leathers!” Mark in Leicester.

    "If I could award more than 5 stars for their service, I would give them 10!” Brian in Scotland.

    "You were brilliant and the jacket is beyond gorgeous.” Gillian in Yorkshire.

    "The friendliness of the staff was amazing, would recommend to anyone needing leathers, it’s worth the travel.” Carol in Bedfordshire.

    You can read many many more reviews on our product pages.

    Take Me to the Bikers Paradise Homepage