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    Matt Black Motorcycle Clothing

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    Matt Black Motorcycle Clothing

    CORONAVIRUS - Latest COVID-19 Update - Mail order is as usual. Thank you for your support.

    Our fantastic selection of Matt Black motorcycle clothing, including jackets, jeans, waistcoats and gloves

    Elite Plain Matt Black Leather Cut

    Elite by name, elite by nature. This matt black leather waistcoat is superior to most.

    Average rating :

    From : £84.00

    Custom Rida-Tec Retro Leather Jacket

    The epitome of style, this matt black bike jacket has a colour-customisable leather strip and maintains all the quality and safety features you expect from Bikers Paradise.

    From : £249.00

    Charger Leather Boots by Grinder

    A heavy duty rounded toe low engineer boot from Grinder - made to last.


    Men's Rida-Tec Retro Leather Jacket

    A summer weight men's leather jacket that looks great on and off the bike, that has been crafted in a stunning matt black cowhide with a red cotton lining.

    Average rating :

    From : £219.00

    Men’s Cruiser Matt Black Leather Gloves

    A cool summer glove made in matt black cowhide with perforation and Airtex lining for maximum air flow.

    Average rating :


    Summer Motorcycle Jacket - Rida-Tec Airflow

    As far as motorcycle summer jackets go, this perforated leather and mesh textile one is up there with the best on the market.

    Average rating :

    From : £199.00

    Elite Tie Side Matt Black Leather Cut

    A supremely stylish tie side leather cut made in really smart matt black cowhide and tailored to fit with flattering lines.

    From : £89.50

    Men's Rida-Tec Matt Leather Jeans

    Check out our stunning men's leather bike jeans in a cool matt black finish with Kevlar protection.

    Average rating :

    From : £165.00

    Tornado Matt Black Leather Waistcoat

    Made with slightly larger arm holes to be perfect for fitting over a leather jacket.

    Free shipping available for this order!
    Average rating :

    From : £124.00

    Men's Rida-Tec Touring Leather Jacket (Standard)

    Engineering in leather.

    Average rating :

    From : £399.00