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    Mens Brown Leather Waistcoats and Accessories

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    Men's Brown Leather Waistcoats and Accessories

    CORONAVIRUS - Latest COVID-19 Update - Mail order is as usual. Thank you for your support.

    Brown leather vests and brown leather accessories to complete the look.

    Men's Antique Brown Viking Summer Gloves

    Lightweight gloves made in antique brown leather with more features than you might imagine.

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    Men's Antique Brown Elite Leather Neck Tube

    The best bit of kit you'll ever buy!

    Click on image for more info.

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    Mens Elite Classic Antique Brown Leather Waistcoat

    A superior plain, distressed antique brown, waistcoat. Made in high quality antique brown cowhide. Heavy duty 100% cotton lined with strong pocket linings. Inside pocket. Button fastenings to front.

    Click on image for more information.

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    From : £86.50

    10 Pocket Tie Side Brown Leather Waistcoat

    Never enough pockets in your clothes to suit your needs? Then our new men's leather waistcoat/vest was made for you.

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    From : £109.00

    Bison Distressed Brown Leather Cut

    Made in heavily distressed brown cowhide, this Bison leather cut has real character.

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    From : £119.00