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    Mens Classic Motorcycle Jackets

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    Men's Classic Leather Bike Jackets

    CORONAVIRUS - Latest COVID-19 Update - Mail order is as usual. Thank you for your support.

    This section showcases our timeless range of men’s classic leather jackets. If it’s the classic look you’re after, you can’t go far wrong here.

    Find out how we construct our motorcycle clothing to see what sets us apart from the rest.

    Custom Rida-Tec Retro Leather Jacket

    The epitome of style, this matt black bike jacket has a colour-customisable leather strip and maintains all the quality and safety features you expect from Bikers Paradise.

    From : £249.00

    Men's Rida-Tec Retro Leather Jacket

    A summer weight men's leather jacket that looks great on and off the bike, that has been crafted in a stunning matt black cowhide with a red cotton lining.

    Average rating :

    From : £219.00

    Black Retro Leather Jacket

    A summer weight motorcycle jacket with a clean, simple design and impressive construction and safety features.

    From : £189.00

    Antique Brown Retro Leather Jacket

    An exceptional summer motorcycle jacket in supple cowhide leather a cotton-rich lining.

    Average rating :

    From : £204.00

    Rida-Tec Elite Black Leather Jacket

    A motorcycle jacket like no other. A truly classic look with the latest construction at a price that can't be beaten.

    Average rating :

    From : £299.00

    Rida-Tec Elite Antique Brown Leather Jacket

    This superb motorcycle jacket is the pinnacle of style, practicality, comfort and safety features. Let us show you...

    Average rating :

    From : £314.00

    Mens Warrior Jacket

    Our famous jacket, the one everyone wants! Heavy duty, 1.2-1.3 cowhide leather, zips, and double stitching. Cotton lined. Optional back protector.

    Average rating :

    From : £239.00

    Rida-Tec Warrior Leather Jacket

    The famous Warrior jacket has had an upgrade! Find out what's new...

    From : £239.00

    Men's Elite Patrol Classic Leather Jacket

    Made in the finest quality, supple black cowhide.
    Chrome finish zips and fittings.
    Takes discreet armour.

    Click on image for more information.

    Average rating :

    From : £229.00

    Mens Elite Patrol Black Leather Jacket

    A truly classic motorcycle jacket that is available in 1.2-1.3mm supple cowhide.

    Click on image for more info.

    Average rating :

    From : £239.00

    Men's Elite Patrol Antique Brown Leather Jacket

    A classically styled leather motorcycle jacket with modern protective technology, heaps of style and comfort.

    Average rating :

    From : £254.00

    Mens Elite Fringed Black Motorcycle Jacket

    A classic leather bike jacket with 8" fringes (can be trimmed to required length) across the back and down the arms.

    Average rating :

    From : £249.00

    Men’s Elite Fringed Antique Brown Leather Jacket

    A leather motorcycle jacket that has unbeatable style and coolness.

    From : £264.00

    Black AVIATOR Leather Jacket

    A replica American Aviator jacket but with leather waistband and cuffs.

    Average rating :

    From : £239.00

    Antique Brown AVIATOR Leather Jacket

    Our replica American Aviator style leather jacket in smart antique brown 1.2 – 1.3mm cowhide with a practical update...

    Average rating :

    From : £259.00

    Men's Rida-Tec Touring Leather Jacket (Standard)

    Engineering in leather.

    Average rating :

    From : £399.00

    Men's Rida-Tec Matt Black Leather Touring Jacket

    The smartest way to ride safely, in warmth and with full coverage has never looked so stylish!

    From : £419.00

    Men's Gunmetal US Style Leather Jacket

    Limited Stock.

    Average rating :

    From : £239.00

    Fringed Classic Rock Lightweight Leather Jacket

    Limited stock.

    From : £189.00