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    Mens Leather Motorcycle Jackets

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    Men's Leather Jackets

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    We have created a range of men’s leather jackets that we’re very proud of. Whether you’re a classic, cruiser or sports touring biker, we think you’ll find a style you love, here.


    Find out how we construct our motorcycle clothing to see what sets us apart from the rest.

    What does      Free Delivery on Orders Over £50

    Custom Rida-Tec Retro Leather Jacket

    The epitome of style, this matt black bike jacket has a colour-customisable leather strip and maintains all the quality and safety features you expect from Bikers Paradise.

    From : £249.00

    Men's Rida-Tec Retro Leather Jacket

    A summer weight men's leather jacket that looks great on and off the bike, that has been crafted in a stunning matt black cowhide with a red cotton lining.

    Average rating :

    From : £219.00

    Black Retro Leather Jacket

    A summer weight motorcycle jacket with a clean, simple design and impressive construction and safety features.

    From : £189.00

    Antique Brown Retro Leather Jacket

    An exceptional summer motorcycle jacket in supple cowhide leather a cotton-rich lining.

    Average rating :

    From : £204.00

    Summer Motorcycle Jacket - Rida-Tec Airflow

    As far as motorcycle summer jackets go, this perforated leather and mesh textile one is up there with the best on the market.

    Average rating :

    From : £199.00

    Rida-Tec GT Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    Take a closer look at our stunning new addition.

    Average rating :

    From : £249.00

    Rida-Tec Elite Black Leather Jacket

    A motorcycle jacket like no other. A truly classic look with the latest construction at a price that can't be beaten.

    Average rating :

    From : £299.00

    Rida-Tec Elite Antique Brown Leather Jacket

    This superb motorcycle jacket is the pinnacle of style, practicality, comfort and safety features. Let us show you...

    Average rating :

    From : £314.00

    Mens Warrior Jacket

    Our famous jacket, the one everyone wants! Heavy duty, 1.2-1.3 cowhide leather, zips, and double stitching. Cotton lined. Optional back protector.

    Average rating :

    From : £239.00

    Rida-Tec Warrior Leather Jacket

    The famous Warrior jacket has had an upgrade! Find out what's new...

    From : £239.00

    Men's Elite Patrol Classic Leather Jacket

    Made in the finest quality, supple black cowhide.
    Chrome finish zips and fittings.
    Takes discreet armour.

    Click on image for more information.

    Average rating :

    From : £229.00

    Mens Elite Patrol Black Leather Jacket

    A truly classic motorcycle jacket that is available in 1.2-1.3mm supple cowhide.

    Click on image for more info.

    Average rating :

    From : £239.00

    Men's Elite Patrol Antique Brown Leather Jacket

    A classically styled leather motorcycle jacket with modern protective technology, heaps of style and comfort.

    Average rating :

    From : £254.00

    Mens Elite Fringed Black Motorcycle Jacket

    A classic leather bike jacket with 8" fringes (can be trimmed to required length) across the back and down the arms.

    Average rating :

    From : £249.00

    Men’s Elite Fringed Antique Brown Leather Jacket

    A leather motorcycle jacket that has unbeatable style and coolness.

    From : £264.00

    Black AVIATOR Leather Jacket

    A replica American Aviator jacket but with leather waistband and cuffs.

    Average rating :

    From : £239.00

    Antique Brown AVIATOR Leather Jacket

    Our replica American Aviator style leather jacket in smart antique brown 1.2 – 1.3mm cowhide with a practical update...

    Average rating :

    From : £259.00

    Men's Rida-Tec Touring Leather Jacket (Standard)

    Engineering in leather.

    Average rating :

    From : £399.00

    Men's Rida-Tec Matt Black Leather Touring Jacket

    The smartest way to ride safely, in warmth and with full coverage has never looked so stylish!

    From : £419.00

    Men's Gunmetal US Style Leather Jacket

    Limited Stock.

    Average rating :

    From : £239.00

    Fringed Classic Rock Lightweight Leather Jacket

    Limited stock.

    From : £189.00

    Mens Hawk Motorcycle Jacket

    Limited Stock. Available in Red or Black

    Average rating :

    From : £219.00