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    Mens Rida-Tec GT Leather Jeans(bp259)

    Mens Rida-Tec GT Leather Jeans

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      Mens Rida-Tec GT Leather Jeans  

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    Please read our motorcycle jeans sizing guide before you order.

    Engineering in leather.

    These totally unique and universal design jeans match our Rida-Tec GT Leather Jacket. Not only does it offer you all of the below benefits, just look at it! We've been working hard on all aspects of these leather jeans to ensure you love them just as much as we do.

    This garment incorporates the Rida-Tec Technology armour system

    Forget knee armour on your shins, long leg lengths for short legs, baggy bums, saggy crotches etc, this is what this universal jean does...

    Various leg lengths available (usually measure to your ankle bone only with this type of jean).

    3 different knee positions with easily adjustable knee armour position on all lengths with armour NOT in a fixed pocket, this is a really unique system.

    Adjustable leather elasticated waist.

    All-round connection zip is fitted, with attached counterpart if needed to make it universal for non-standard sizes so you can get a suit that fits perfectly no matter the combination of jacket and jean size that can still be fully zipped around.

    Alternatively, a short back connection zip is also fitted which is universal for all of our jackets with back zips.

    1.2-1.3mm supple black cowhide.

    100% cotton lined for comfort and safety (no friction melting).

    Viscotec memory foam and Kevlar protected hips.

    Removable Viscotec CE memory armour in knees which, as stated above, is easily adjustable for different knee positions to get a perfect fit. Memory armour is far superior protection for your bones than hard armour as it moulds to your body shape so is far more comfortable to wear and absorbs energy on impact in the event of an accident.

    Double layer of leather, plus a layer of Kevlar on bum/seat area for extra protection.

    All seams have heavy duty internal stitching (inside leg double internally stitched) with vulnerable areas having two rows of top stitching as well. These anti-burst seams are invaluable in the event of an accident.

    Reflective piping down the knee and shin area for better side-on visibility.

    Leather stretch panels down hips, above knees, on legs and at the back of waist area for ease of movement.

    Kevlar reinforced shins.

    Designed to be worn either inside or outside your boots. They are a slim, snug fit when done up for wear inside boots and they have a leather gusseted zip opening at the bottom of leg plus stretch inserts to allow more room when worn outside boots. All this, plus the usual zip opening at the bottom of the leg to aid boot fitting.

    Zipped fly with Velcro and Velcro, leather fastening strap.

    Two zipped pockets at front.

    All zips are top quality, heavy duty spiral zips.

    Read more about how we construct our leathers.

    Please read our leather care guide

    *Please note that your parcel will need to be signed for and will not be left unsigned for.