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    Rida Denim Jeans

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    Denim Kevlar Jeans

    CORONAVIRUS - Latest COVID-19 Update - Mail order is as usual. Thank you for your support.

    10% off
    Ladies and mens 14oz blue or black denim and Kevlar jeans with no unsightly seams. They look like normal jeans but have Kevlar reinforced bum, hips, knees and shins.

    Plus optional, fully adjustable, discreet and extremely comfortable Viscotec CE memory armour available for hips and knees. One of our most popular lines and look at the great price!

    What does      Free Delivery on Orders Over £50

    Men's Blue Rida Denim Jeans

    Designed for style, comfort and, of course, safety.

    "I work in a bike shop and we sell Draggin' Jeans but I wear BP's Rida jeans. Great fit, top quality, fantastic value." Doug, Isle of Man

    Average rating :

    Our Price : £89.90

    Men's Black Rida Denim Motorcycle Jeans

    The optimum in denim jeans for motorcyclists. Heavy duty but comfortable denim, Kevlar, fully adjustable armour system.

    Average rating :

    Our Price : £89.90

    Women's Rida Denim Jeans

    To make way for our new stretch denim motorcycle jeans, these are now discontinued. Get them while you can.

    Down from £89.90 to £49!

    Average rating :

    List Price: £89.90
    Our Price : £49.00 You Save: £40.90 (45%)

    Limited Edition Lightweight Denim Bike Jeans

    Made in 12oz black denim as opposed to our usual 14oz Rida Denim Motorcycle Jeans.


    Average rating :

    From : £84.50

    Ladies CONTOUR Rida Denim Kevlar Jeans - Blue

    Sizes: 6 - 26

    A high-rise motorcycle jean made for women in quality denim with 2% elastane to give a flattering contoured slim-fit. Not to mention a comfortable fit.

    Average rating :

    Our Price : £94.50

    Ladies CONTOUR Rida Denim Kevlar Jeans - Black

    Sizes: 6 - 26

    Jeans to wear on the bike that fit in all the right places, look like normal jeans and offer unprecedented levels of discreet protection.

    Average rating :

    Our Price : £94.50