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    You are at : All > Cruiser Motorcycle Clothing > Womens Cruiser Leather Waistcoats and Accessories

    Womens Cruiser Leather Waistcoats and Accessories

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    Women's Cruiser Leather Waistcoats and Accessories

    CORONAVIRUS - Latest COVID-19 Update - Mail order is as usual. Thank you for your support.

    Ladies Cruiser style leather vests and accessories.

    Ladies Distressed Brown Leather Cut

    A flatteringly tailored ladies cut that already has that distressed, worn look. What's not to love?

    From : £79.90

    Ladies Distressed Brown Tie Side Cut

    A tie side leather cut made in distressed brown leather to give that worn-in look from the off!

    Average rating :

    From : £89.90

    Ladies Black Leather Perrie Waistcoat

    A supple, tailored and beautifully designed ladies leather vest.

    From : £69.90

    Womens Black Elite Leather Neck Tube

    Sculptured in soft calf leather and luxuriously lined in lightweight fleece. Concealed zip opening, totally draft free.The best bit of kit you will ever buy.

    Click on image for more info.


    Womens Viking Leather Summer Gloves

    A summer weight leather glove designed to fit the female hand with Kevlar? palm reinforcement and Suprotec finger padding.

    Average rating :


    Women's Antique Brown Leather Elite Neck Tube

    The best bit of kit you'll ever buy!

    Click on image for more info.

    Average rating :


    Womens Antique Brown Viking Summer Gloves

    Lightweight antique brown leather gloves that actually fit women’s hands! This humble but highly successful glove has features that might surprise you.


    Brown Leather CRUISER Summer Gloves

    A short summer glove that offers style, comfort and durability in supple brown cowhide.